eTruck Motor Co.

The arrival of our company on the secene is the result of a decade-long development, which was explicitly created for the development and production of eTrucks. The ownership of eTruck Motor Zrt. is mostly Hungarian but there are some high-ranking Chinese partners and companies concerning ownership, too. Due to the big and cost-efficient production, the production will start partly in China, partly in Europe.

The first eTrucks will outcome in 2019-2020 from the production line. Our company place strong emphasis on enviroment protection, which – regarding the size of the project – is the biggest enviromental initiation in the world. Our business strategy is to make eTruck the sole market leader and to replace all the diesel trucks in Europe and all around the world. It will entail a completely new transport trend. We need only see that the transportation by eTruck is cheaper than operating cars. Therefore the markets will depend on the comity and business interest of eTruck.

Showing a quick example: The goods of two competing companies is transported by eTruck at 0,5 Euro/km total cost. Only the cost of a diesel truck appropriate for this age is 0,8Euro/km itself, which total cost, regarding the transport price, is 1,4-2,0 Euros/ km For the producting companies it causes a big transportation cost difference and margin regarding the value of the goods. Anybody who contracts to transportation exclusively with eTruck Motor Co., can forget the competiotion. For fix, unique pre-contract contact orur colleague:


Technical Details

  • Range: 1200 km / charging
  • Horse power: 580 HP
  • Torque: 7000Nm 0-90 Km/h in range of 2 Volvos FH 16 750
  • Charging time: (0-100 %): 2,5-3 hours
  • Consumption cost (40tons): 4EUR / 100 Km

For investros

eTruck Motor Zrt. expect all investor request who are devoted to enviroment protection and renewable energy.


eTruck Motor Zrt. expect all small or big suppliers who deal with the production of trucks and are into renewable energy, energy industry

  • Tyre factories
  • Brake lining producing companies
  • Landing gear producers
  • Windscreen, mirror and glass producers
  • Accumulator battery producers
  • Solar cell producing companies
  • Nuclear plants, wind plants, solar cell farms, hydroelectric-power plants

For application eMail:

Our partners

König Bank, Über Trans Zrt.

Fixed transport contract

From year 2020 on the companies will have the possibility of chosing the fixed transport contract, which entails exclusivity for the given quantity and transport tasks for a fixed tarrif of 0,8 Euro/km.


  • Well-calculable and predictable transportation cost
  • First-mover advantage through transportation costs compared to other competing companies
  • Clean, enviromentally responsible lifestyle


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